Nepal’s ordinary daughter became a social media star through the ‘Selfie with Daughter’ campaign

Nepal’s ordinary daughter became a social media star through the ‘Selfie with Daughter’ campaign

The Selfie with Daughter program is currently working to bring a smile to the faces of Nepali girls. Due to which this campaign is becoming very popular among the youth here.

The ‘Selfie with Daughter’ campaign in Nepal was launched on March 9 in which hundreds of women have joined the program.

They have started using social media platforms to keep their word and move forward. Prakriti Dhungel, who studied BBA, is a member of ‘Selfie with Daughter’.

She made a video about ‘Selfie with Daughter’, which went viral on social media today, citing the negative thinking shown in society when a daughter was born at the home of a village chief in Bibirpur, India.

The video, which changes social norms, has been viewed by over 9.7 million people on Tiktak and is still trending on #selfiewithdaughter Tiktak.

In the video, Prakriti said that the condition of women in some areas of Nepal is still very poor and the government has never taken any positive steps in this regard.

She said, “I hope that just as Selfie with Daughter has made a positive difference in the lives of women in India, so too in Nepal this campaign will bring lasting happiness to our faces.”

Sunil Jaglan, founder of Selfie with Daughter, says, “The main objective of this campaign is to empower daughters in every field and bring a lasting smile on their faces.

Kalpana Shrestha, a team member of Nepal, said that she was very curious about taking selfies with daughters here. Citing the example of nature, Shrestha said, “Just as nature is rising as a star in Nepal, so will other daughters, inspired by nature, strive to make their lives inspiring.”

Nepalis can post selfies with their daughters at Bikram Shrestha, President of Nepal Internet Foundation and Program Coordinator, informed that there is a program to reward the best selfies by holding various programs in Nepal on June 9 as ‘Selfie with Daughter’ Day.


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