NIC Asia Bank Ticket Video Competition, 15,000 prizes for one video

NIC Asia Bank Ticket Video Competition, 15,000 prizes for one video

NIC Asia Bank is going to hold a Tiktak Video Challenge competition. Participants in the competition can also win prizes at the rate of Rs 15,000 per video, the bank said.

Stating that digital banking is a priority, the competition is aimed at those who make tick video.

This competition will be conducted from 6th of Ashad 2078 to 5th of Saun. The official ticket page of NIC Asia Bank to participate in this competition @NICASIABankOfficial The bank has prepared digital banking promotion MoBank You can participate by using 6 different jingles on the theme of hair.

Participants in this competition will be able to win attractive gifts equal to 15,000 per video. If more than one video of one participant is selected, the bank will give an attractive gift equal to the total amount of Rs 15,000.

To participate in the ‘Tick Video Challenge’ you have to follow the following rules.

K. Participants visit the bank’s official ticket page @NICASIABankOfficial Will have to follow.

B. Participants tagged the video they made to 5 friends on their ticket page @NICASIABankOfficial, #nicasiabank, #mobankgarau It should also be mentioned and shared publicly.

c. After completing the above process, one of the most viewed videos in each of the 6 themed videos uploaded will be the winner.

d. To be eligible to be a winner, any video must have been viewed at least 15,000 times.

. The Bank may thus use the videos made by the participants for its own purposes at any time.


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