Nima Academy celebrating its third anniversary

Nima Academy celebrating its third anniversary

It has been three years since the establishment of NIMA Academy. Established in 2018 BS, NIMA Academy is working to digitize education in Nepal.

On the occasion of its anniversary, NIMA Academy has organized a program. On Saturday, there is a program to give gifts to its employees as a thank-you note for their contribution.

In these three years, NIMA Academy has made great strides in the field of education. By modernizing the education system, NIMA has largely succeeded in leaving a digital mark on it.

Even those who did not know much about the e-learning system at the beginning now have a better understanding of online classes and e-learning. The importance of e-learning has increased due to the Corona epidemic.

At present, NIMA Academy offers teaching materials from class 1 to class 10 recognized by the Curriculum Development Center and plans are afoot to offer courses for classes 11, 12 and above for the coming days. NIMA also provides educational materials and courses from Vistim and Let’s Read Asia for free on its website and app.

Nima Academy courses include videos, articles, quizzes, tests, assignments and games. The Nima Academy website and app are available. The Nima Academy app is available on both iOS and Android.

According to the company, NIMA Academy’s courses are fun and interactive, making it easier for students to remember and understand what they read, and the teacher’s teaching practice is becoming more sophisticated.

COO Joshi said that the curriculum prepared by Nima Academy has been specially designed with the desire of the children in mind. Currently, there is a special focus on mathematics, science and social studies, she said.

He said that the curriculum has been prepared by doing a lot of research on how to teach these subjects, which are a little difficult for children, in a way that they can understand in a simple and easy way.

NIMA aims to provide internationally recognized courses for Nepali students by 2022.

The academy believes that the digital learning method developed by NIMA academy will further contribute to the smart education system. As the future of children lies in the smart learning method, the academy says that this method should be implemented from now on.

Joshi, COO of the academy, says that smart education is not only for students but also for teachers and parents.


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