Nitya Ranjana Unicode Font Public, Download Here

Nitya Ranjana Unicode font has been released. Nitya Ranjana Unicode font was announced by Sunita Dangol, Deputy Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, in a program held at Nepal Call Parishad on Saturday.

Anand Kumar Maharjan, president of Calijatra Foundation, said that the Ranjana Unicode font was developed with the help of Calijatra Foundation and India’s prestigious font design company Ek Type, keeping in mind the need to enter the digital market to protect and promote script in the present digital era and the need to develop digital fonts to address it.

Maharjan, who is also under the roof of Ranjana Script Specialists, has contributed significantly to the development of fonts. Murali Kumar Pralad has provided financial support in font development.

This Ranjana Unicode font can be used worldwide for free. It will be available in Devanagari Unicode as well as Newa Unicode. If you also want to download the Nitya Ranjana font and use it click here You can download it.

This is the most advanced and well-designed Ranjana font, which can be used on-screen, printing and web.

Although there was no availability of suitable digital scripts in the past, the use of scripts has increased and wrong scripts are being written even where they are used.

It is believed that this font is artistically and technically improved over the old available Newa fonts and will help in promoting and correctly increasing the use of the Ranjana script. It is said that government institutions, the Newa community, the Buddhist community, non-Newar, schools, colleges, and design houses, will benefit from the use of this easy font.

The popular language, script, and tangible and intangible cultural heritage that carries the identity of Nepal has reached an endangered state due to globalization and the growing adoption of Western civilization, and for this reason, the history of the Indo-Aryan, Mongol and Bhot Burman races, including the Ranjana script, has been disappearing recently.

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