NOC can now be printed online

21 Baisakh, Kathmandu. The ‘No Objection Certificate’ (NOC) provided to students going abroad for higher education can now be printed online.

The foreign study permit branch under the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has prepared to issue NOC online.


NOC branch chief Vasudev Vasti informed that although there is an arrangement to apply online for NOC, from now on it is going to be made possible to print online as well.

According to him, there will be an arrangement to be able to print online by himself from next week. The head of the branch, Vasti, said that based on the documents entered by the applicant, the ‘API integrated’ of the concerned educational institution will be done.

He said, ‘Details of whether or not the student has taken the facility of foreign currency will be ‘automatic’ from banks and financial institutions. For this, the branch has oriented banks and financial institutions. According to their demand, a ‘user manual’ has also been prepared.

Nepal Rastra Bank has issued a circular to provide foreign exchange facilities to students on the basis of NOC through online. In the circular issued by the National Bank, it is said that after the portal arranged by the ministry is put into use, according to the ‘Directory on Approval of Foreign Studies, 2079’ approved by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, the banks and financial institutions should provide the same facilities by verifying the details of the No Objection Certificate available on the same portal.

Currently, the work is being done to connect with the online system of the ‘software’ branch of the concerned body. NOC branch chief Vasti informed that there is some delay due to the fact that some concerned bodies are not able to provide services through the online system.

“For this, coordination with more than 25 concerned bodies is necessary”, he said, “Coordination with concerned bodies such as passport department, university, immigration etc. is necessary.” He said that the NOC branch can provide 100% service only when all concerned agencies provide services online.

The government has issued the ‘Guidelines for Approval of Foreign Studies, 2079’ to organize foreign studies. The guidelines have been made to make the process of taking NOC easy, simple, factual, systematic, technology-friendly and effective and to organize the work related to foreign exchange rate recommendations. Based on this, the process of issuing NOC is going to be done completely online.

At present, there is a provision to go to the office to collect the NOC from the message received on the mobile phone after applying online. But now, from the NOC application to the printing, it is going to be done online.

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