Nothing’s first product, the Ear 1 TWS earbuds will launch in June

Carl Pei’s Nothing is finally unveiling its truly wireless earbuds in June after months of anticipation. Juxtaposed to the company name, its first product bears an interesting naming convention too—Ear 1. The Ear 1 is just the beginning of a long and exciting journey for Nothing.

Nothing Ear 1: Everything we know

The company has been so secretive that there isn’t even a first glance at the upcoming earbuds yet. Carl notes that the “Design is still top secret,” so it’s obvious that we are also unaware of the specifications, price, and final design of Ear 1. However, in the image shared in the blog, the earbud has a dark outline with a long stem. In addition, the company’s co-founder mentions in the blog that Ear 1 blends notes of transparency, iconic form, and refined functionality.

Teenage Engineering, a Stockholm-based firm, was recently named as the company’s founding partner. Teenage Engineering creates highly acclaimed devices for people who enjoy sound, music, and design.

Pei also discussed in detail about the bud’s name on the blog. Ear 1 is named so because it echoes the raw ambition that allows things to be what they are. On the question of why he started with earbuds, he says, “the earphones industry was begging for differentiation, space where we can elevate design and deliver value from day one”.

He also said that the earphone industry would fortify its foundation in order to reach new product categories. This confirms that, as the industry matures, Nothing will expand into other product markets.

What is Nothing?

In case you were unaware, Nothing is a tech company founded in October 2020 by ex-OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei. It is a young venture that aims to appeal to a different market compared to other companies. The company will extend its market in the ecosystem of smart devices that are uniquely designed, well-engineered, and simple to use.

Several tech leaders and other prominent figures have funded the startup, which raised $7 million in seed funding. Nothing raised a staggering $15 million in a Series A funding round led by GV (formerly Google Ventures) in February 2021.

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