Now AI will help you write content on LinkedIn

With the use of AI technology, the work of many users is becoming easier than before. Now the same facilitation has been brought to LinkedIn because now you can take the help of AI to write posts on LinkedIn.


Microsoft and LinkedIn have introduced a feature that can generate content on LinkedIn with the help of AI in an effort to provide a better experience to users with generative AI. According to media reports, an employee of the company has informed about the new feature.

The AI ​​feature on the platform will help users write posts that they want to share with their networks.

This information was obtained by Karen Baruch, Product Director at LinkedIn. In this post, the use of generative AI is being tested with the LinkedIn Share Box.

To type a post with the help of AI, the user must first describe what they want to post about in a few words. The user has to provide information about the content he wants in 30 words.

Then the AI ​​feature will work on the rest of the posts. The AI ​​feature generates drafts using these words as input.

Users will also be able to review typed content through AI. Moreover, users can also edit it according to their own.

However, such a feature is being tested before being rolled out. This feature will be available for users only after this test.

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