Now AI will type your mail in Gmail

Gmail, the email service of the technology company Google, is used by millions of users. Google’s platform is an essential part of professional life for users.


This service from Google is preferred by users who send and receive a lot of mails throughout the day. Gmail is very easy to use and it comes with many great features for users. Meanwhile, a new AI generative tool has become available in Gmail.

With the help of this tool, users can type mail in a better way. Not only this, the new AI tool will also be a great help to users in typing mails in a fast and easy way.

In its annual event (2023 Google IO Conference), Google had informed about the new AI tool ‘Help Me Write’ for Gmail. The company claims that with the help of the new tool, users can type and send mail within seconds.

In fact, the company has said that Gmail’s new tool ‘Help Me Write’ will come with a Bard feature. The help of bard will also be of great help to give immediate reply to the user.

No date has been revealed as to when the new feature of Gmail will be introduced. However, it is believed that Gmail’s new tool could be rolled out this year.

Moreover, this new feature of Gmail can work on both desktop and mobile. This feature of Google will be effective in saving the user’s time.

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