Now domestically made vehicles can be registered, a relief for passengers

The government has amended the Transport Management Procedures Guideline 2060 to register vehicles made in Nepal. Along with this, a new legal way to register new vehicles manufactured in Nepal has been opened.


After making special arrangements regarding the registration of vehicles manufactured or connected in Nepal by the Department of Transport, now there is relief to register motorcycles manufactured in Nepal. Now, by revising the guidelines, the government has made arrangements to register vehicles made in Nepal.

It is said in the directory, “11.1.9” is added to the point, “regardless of what is written elsewhere in this directory, new registration, transfer registration, modification registration, auction registration of vehicles imported from abroad and connected to Nepal or manufactured in Nepal.” , for the purpose of re-registration and renaming, the customs declaration of such a vehicle will not be required.

According to the said guidelines, vehicles manufactured in Nepal do not need to submit proof of opening of notification letter 9LC0 for registration. For new registration, transfer registration, alteration registration, auction registration, re-registration and naming of vehicles to be assembled or manufactured in Nepal, the assembly or manufacturing company shall pay value added tax instead of the customs declaration and in the case of vehicles that attract the provisions related to internal duties according to the prevailing law. It is arranged that the fee withdrawal form should also be submitted. The government can register such vehicles on the basis of VAT bill, excise clearance form and get number plate.

The production of electric bike ‘Yatri’ made in Nepal was stopped after it did not receive a number plate. Due to the process prescribed by the Transport and Vehicles Act (2049) and the Bagmati Province Transport and Vehicles Act, vehicles made within Nepal could not be registered.

See the notification issued by the Transport Management Department:

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