Now online police report verification, here’s how to apply online

The Department of Consular Services will verify the police report online from Sunday. The department has informed that the verification of the police report certificate required to go abroad will be done online from Sunday, September 30.

At the beginning of applying for online police, report verification click here Scroll by Then mark the last small room and click Next. After doing so, proceed with the captcha. And the application can be sent with your details, documents.

After filling the form online, the message will come to the mobile number after the application is approved. When the message arrives click here

The department has also made arrangements to remit the revenue amount online.

Revenue can also be filed physically through Connect IPS directly through electronic payments or through Global IME Bank branches across the country.

The person who has specified in the application should be present in person or in-person from 10 am to 2 am with the color copy of the revenue voucher or police report.

When you come to get the documents, you have to go to the department with the citizenship certificate or the identity document with a photo.

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

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