Now the Android phone automatically detects spam calls

Kathmandu. Now Android phones will have a feature to automatically detect spam calls. At Google's annual developer event, Google I/O 2024, which ended on Tuesday, a feature to automatically detect spam calls was announced.

For this, Google will use the Gemini Nano AI model. This model is said to identify whether any call is spam or not based on the user's conversation.

Like; In the call coming from the bank representative, if the person talks asking for PIN or password, this system will automatically send a notification that it is a spam call. By doing this, Gemini AI listens to all user conversations.

However, Google has said that it will protect the device and privacy. Also, this feature will be optional rather than default. If the user wants, he has to turn on this feature manually.

Currently, most budget and mid-range phones do not support Gemini. Therefore, this feature is expected to come only in high-end and flagship phones.

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