Now training to become a pilot can be found in Nepal

Now the training to become a pilot is available in Nepal. On Sunday, the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation has given permission to two organizations for conducting flying school, so there is no need to go abroad to become a pilot.


The ministry amended the procedures and allowed Shubham Aviation Pvt Ltd and Chandrasurya Aviation Pvt Ltd to open flying schools. Shubham Aviation is the organization of Pilot Janak Adhikari while Chandrasurya is managed by Man Bahadur Thapa.

The Ministry has informed that the two institutions will be required to submit a license fee of 1 lakh rupees and a guarantee of 10 lakh rupees from a recognized bank of ‘A’ category within 7 days.

To take helicopter and ship pilot training in flying school, one must have passed 12th class first class in science subject. As there was no flying school in the country, Nepalis used to go to South Africa, Philippines and United States of America for pilot training. About 1 crore rupees and one to one and a half years of time are spent on pilot training.

The Ministry of Tourism had previously given permission to Siwani Air Pvt Ltd for air flight training by making Bharatpur Airport as a base, but due to managerial weaknesses, the company was closed without training.

Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Sudan Kirati said that other organizations that complete the process and submit applications will also be given permission to operate flying schools.

He said, ‘Ships and helicopters flying in Nepal are not learned by our citizens in Nepal. Why study abroad and fly to Nepal? Learning to fly is even better by knowing the geography and environment here. Therefore, the Ministry gave permission for the flying school. If more people come, we will process them and give permission.’

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