Now you can experience walking in space from virtual reality

Now you can experience walking in space from virtual reality

Soon people will be able to experience walking in space through virtual reality. Many of us are never able to travel in space and walking is a long way off.

Even billionaires can only look out of spacecraft when they go to space. But now episodes 3 and 4 of Space Explorer: The ISS Experience will provide an opportunity to experience what it feels like to swim in space through virtual reality.

For this, Felix and Paul Studios have customized a virtual reality camera that is connected to the Candrum 2 robot.

It can capture 3D and 360 degree scenes from outside the space station. Felix and Paul’s Outer Space Camera is a modified version of the ZCam V One Pro. It has nine 4K sensors that can capture 3D and 360 degree scenes at 8K resolution.

The camera is designed to withstand the effects of UV rays, extreme temperatures and micrometrics. This project was started in 2015. Episodes 3 and 4 will soon be available on five G devices through top companies.

It will be available through LGU Plus in South Korea, KDI in Japan, Orange in France and Deutsche Telecom in Germany. The VR experience will be available at Rift’s Aculus Store, Quest and Quest 2 headsets.


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