Now you can listen to Radio HD from our calendar

Now you can listen to Radio HD from our calendar

Nepal’s popular app ‘Hamro Patro’ can now be heard on Radio HD (High Definition).

With the expansion of high speed internet service, an arrangement has been made to listen more clearly to the radio stations available in our calendar.

Radios previously available at 32 kbps and 64 kbps will now be available in HD, or 128 kbps. Currently, Image FM, Ujyalo Radio Network, Vijaya FM, Nepali Radio Network, Classic FM have gone to HD.

Sudina Gautam, managing director of our calendar, informed that preparations are underway to convert the rest of the radios to HD. “We are going to convert 50 FM radios to HD in the next few days,” she said. “Similarly, we plan to make 100 radios available in HD within the next two months.”

At present, our calendar has the facility to listen to about 500 radios across the country. Nepali radio can be heard from home and abroad through our calendar app.

Our calendar has broken the limit of listening to FM radio only in a limited area through traditional technology i.e. FM radio set. Due to which it has become possible to listen to radios all over the world without radio frequency.

In our calendar, which added radio broadcasting to its platform eight years ago, in 2013, four lakh listeners now listen to the radio daily.

Due to low internet bandwidth consumption, radio can be listened to on our calendar even from mobile data when there is no WiFi and fixed line internet. With this kind of convenience, the number of online radio listeners is increasing.

Our calendar has been streaming radio across the country to its app through Southcast streaming technology. For this, the concerned radio has provided streaming link to the company. Due to that, the radio station does not even have to pay any fee to our calendar.


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