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NTC and Ncell Lockdown Packages

When it comes to telecom service providers in Nepal, NTC and Ncell are the first names that come to mind. These rival companies have their own range of data and voice packages. With the aftermath of the country’s recent lockdown, NTC and Ncell have now devised new affordable data packages for the needy.

NTC data packages

Although NTC has not introduced dedicated lockdown data packages for lockdown 2.0 like Ncell, we found some interesting options from the company that may fulfill your requirements. We have categorized the packages into long-term and short-term.

Long-term data packages

The first entry here is the 1GB per day pack. Here, you can choose from three different options. The first one is the data-only package with 1GB of internet every day. Following that, one can purchase 1GB of data and 14 minutes of voice pack, which can be renewed every seven days. There is also a cheaper 4-week bundle of the very same package.

Data PriceValiditySubscription
1GB/DayRs. 451 Day*1415*6#
1GB/Day + 14Min/DayRs. 2507 Days*1415*6#
1GB/Day + 14Min/DayRs. 64928 Days*1415*6#

Short-term data packages

If the above plans don’t work for you, there are some alternate NTC data packages too. For only Rs. 95, you can subscribe to get 1.5GB of data which will be valid for seven days. Similarly, if you only need data for an hour or two, you can subscribe to 2 hours of unlimited data for Rs. 30.

Data PriceValiditySubscription
1.5 GBRs. 957 Days*1415*1*1*4#
Unlimited Rs. 302 Hrs*1415*8#

Ncell lockdown data packages

Contrary to NTC, Ncell has already introduced lockdown data packages focusing on the needs of those working from home. Let’s walk through the new plan introduced by Ncell.

Work from Home

As the name implies, the offer is intended for people who are working remotely. The data can only be used on video-conferencing applications (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet). However, Ncell is also providing complementary all-time data with the purchase of this plan for an added versatility.

Students and teachers can make the most of Ncell’s “Work from Home” plan if their schools are conducting online classes through the aforementioned video conferencing applications.

Under this plan, you can subscribe to a single-day package for Rs. 31, where you can enjoy 2GB of “Stay Safe” data. Mind you, this data can be used between 6 AM and 6 PM only. In addition, you will receive 150MB of all-time data for one day.

If you feel this package is insufficient, you can purchase 14GB of data for the above-mentioned app. Moreover, you will be eligible for 3GB of all-time data. The plan will cost you Rs. 127 and will be effective for 7 days. Not to forget, the users need to utilize the Stay Safe data for video-conferencing apps between 6 AM to 6 PM here too.

App Data All-time data Validity Price Subscription
2GB150MB1 DayRs. 31*17123*9#
14GB3GB7 DaysRs. 127*17123*9#

New Pack

Under this, you can subscribe to standard internet plans that range from 65MB to 750MB. However, each data packs has its own validity period.

Data PriceValiditySubscription
65MBRs. 193 day*17123*9#
150MBRs. 395 days*17123*9#
200MBRs. 497 days*17123*9#
300MBRs. 5910 days*17123*9#
400MBRs. 6914 days*17123*9#
550MBRs. 7921 days*17123*9#
750MBRs. 9930 days*17123*9#
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