'Omoda E-Five' with a range of 430 km in the Nepali market, priced at 5.9 lakhs

Kathmandu. Omoda E-Five, the electric vehicle of Chinese vehicle manufacturer Omoda & Jeiko Automobile Company Limited, has been launched in Nepal. Omoda's official distributor SPG Automobile Pvt Ltd launched this vehicle at a program in the capital on Friday.

Omoda has been producing and selling Model Nine, Model Seven and Model Five under EV. In which the company has defined Model Nine as flagship, Model Seven as intelligent and luxury and Model Five as fashion, green and tech model.

In the initial phase, the company has introduced a model of E-5 with 430 km WLTP range in Nepal. E-5 has a length of 4424 mm, width of 1830 mm, height of 1558 mm and wheelbase of 2630 mm.

The ground clearance of this car is 180 mm. The company claims that the vehicle, which is said to have a range of up to 430 km on a single charge, can accelerate from zero to 100 km in 9.2 seconds.

It has five seats. Similarly, the torque is 340 Nm and the top speed is 172 km per hour. It has 18 inch sports wheel and 10 watt wind resistance wheel.

According to the company, the E-Five has high-quality LED headlights and T-shaped daytime running lights. It has a dual screen of 24.6 inches. 'Chrome shaped' door handle, Sony speaker, simple woodgrain design are its other features.

According to the company, Omoda E-5 also has a sun roof. Similarly, it includes 256 color ambient light.

Regarding the interior color tone, this vehicle is available in black interior and blue white stitching interior color tone, while the exterior will be available in white, black, red, blue, aquatic green, gray and silver color variants, according to the company.

Traffic Jam Assistant (TJA) and Rear Cross Traffic Assistant (RCTA) are included in the vehicle for a safe and comfortable journey even in traffic jams. The company has mentioned that the various sensors in the vehicle give an immediate alert if an object hits the front, rear, right or left of the vehicle.

The company has provided six air bags. Lane keeping assistant, departure reminder, IES, front collision warning, autonomous emergency braking, traffic jam avoidance assistant, door open warning are the safety features in the vehicle.

According to the company, this vehicle has received EU Five Star Security Standard and China Five Star Security Standard.

The company has provided a front-mounted electric motor with a capacity of 99 KW in the vehicle with a battery capacity of 61 KWh.

According to the company, it takes 28 minutes to charge this vehicle from 30 to 80 percent through fast charger (80 kW charger). With 11 kilowatts, this vehicle can be charged from 30 to 80 percent in four hours. According to the company, 15.5 kilowatt hours of power will be consumed for every 100 km.

Chery Automobile has been manufacturing vehicles on six different platforms. Under which the company is using Professional New Energy Platform and Professional Pure Electric Platform for EV.

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