Online class in the city market, deserted in the village

Online class in the city market, deserted in the village

Even though the school could not be reopened due to the corona virus, online classes have started in full swing in the city market of Doti.

While the students living in the city market are continuing their studies from the online class, there is no education in other villages here.

Raksha Kalel of Badikedar Gaonpalika-1 Vipinagar said that the students of the village could not study due to lack of internet facility in the rural areas.

She said, “Even the phone does not work in the village. There is no need to teach online classes. The future of our children is dark.”

There are more schools in the village than in the city market and the lack of internet in the village has affected the education of the students.

Although the schools in the district headquarters and the old regional headquarters have been conducting online classes to regularize the education after the government closed down the educational institutions due to the second wave of corona infection, the schools in the villages have not been able to adopt any alternative.

Another local, Chakra Bahadur Bohara, said that if the school is not reopened, students will be forced to take the exam without studying.

He said, “Educational institutions have not been able to open due to the Corona disaster. Students have not been able to study. If this continues, students will have to sit for exams without studying.”

Yashoda Malla, who works in a non-governmental organization called Community Development Forum, said that the school has no choice but to herd cattle during the day and sleep at night as there is no medium of instruction in the village schools.

She said, “There are no online classes in the village, no schools are open, the children are busy herding cattle all day long, their future is getting dark.” Not only that, the textbooks for the new academic session have reached the schools near the city market but the textbooks have not reached the villages.

Sarvajit Deuba of Amarpustak Bhandar Dipayal Pipalla said that there was a problem in transporting books to the village on time due to road blockage.

He said, “We have already delivered the textbooks to the schools in the city market area. The transportation has not been possible due to the problem of rain in the village. If it is easy, we will deliver it soon.”

Dirgha Bahadur Kathayat, headmaster of Dilpeshwor Secondary School, informed that classes 5 to 8 have been started from online through alternative medium online in urban areas including Dipayal, Pipalla, Rajpur and Silgadhi.

He said that even though the new academic session has started due to Corona, the students in the village have been facing many problems in their studies as there is no medium of instruction in the village.

Schools in urban areas and areas where the Internet works have been conducting online classes since July 30.

It is said that English, Nepali, Mathematics and Science subjects are being taught online in the schools of the market area.

The parents have demanded to provide internet access even in the villages saying that there are many problems in the education of the students. रासस


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