Online classes stress children

Online classes stress children

The seven-year-old daughter of Radhika Maharjan of New Baneshwor, who is studying in class 1, is not interested in online classes.

Radhika said that her daughter was reluctant to take online classes. She refuses to attend online classes. ‘

The common parent complains about not being able to learn much in the online classroom. Child psychologist Ganga Pathak said that although the online class initially relieved the children from the risk and stress of corona epidemic, the stress of the online class was increasing again.

According to him, children cannot stay in one place for a long time due to their playful nature. Experts say that they feel pressured to spend most of their time studying alone.

He suggested that children should be taken to a doctor if they have problems such as crying, not wanting to eat, pretending to be scared, or crying.

“Children need exercises like running, cycling, dancing,” he said. “Such exercises help increase endorphin hormones.” The hormone endorphins reduce the level of pain and stress in the brain.

Director of Patan Institute of Health Sciences and psychiatrist Dr. Ravi Shakya said that children, adolescents, adults or old people of any age group are stressed and when they feel uncomfortable in their daily activities, stress is created.

He said it was important for parents to teach their children that each person is unique in their place and that they should compete for the best results.

According to a recent survey published by the World Health Organization, mental health problems have increased significantly in recent years.

According to the survey, about 72 percent of those suffering from mental health problems are children and adolescents. This news is in Gorkhapatra daily.


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