Online learning platform Bombinos DotLive launches in Nepal

Online learning platform Bombinos DotLive launches in Nepal

Online learning platform Bombinos DotLive has also launched its service in Nepal. was founded in 2020 for additional education.

This digital academy has been developed focusing on children from 3 to 15 years. Explorer Wings Pvt. Ltd. has entered into an agreement with to provide quality education to Nepali students.

It includes more than a hundred courses targeting disciplines such as public speaking, creative writing, abacus, art, music, moral education, fitness education.

It is said that this alternative medium will be effective as there is not much interaction between the children due to the epidemic of Covid 19.

Lately, Edu Tech startups focusing on education in India and other countries have been getting good success and fame. Currently, 30,000 students are using the digital academy.

The company has more than 100 programs. According to the company, the curriculum covers additional but essential topics that will help education. This platform is providing the best, quality content and teachers in the world.

The company claims that the courses available in it are based on research. This digital academy will further help children between the ages of 3 and 15 to pursue after school activities such as tuition, extracurricular activities, and fulfilling their interests.

Bambinos is working to teach fun and enlightening things at home. Students can also track their progress.

At Digital Academy, students can interact live with friends and teachers, which makes reading even easier.

In addition, the company has been providing services in more than 10 countries, so users will be able to interact with friends from different countries. To join this platform you need to go to and create an account.

You can register as a member by clicking on the login and clicking on the button in the upper right. Classes can be booked online by selecting classes there. The first two demo classes are free.

When the class is one to one or group, the study is done with four or five people. Because of this, many students are able to take advantage of the classroom.

In this system, educators review the student’s entire background and use reading materials that are appropriate for the student, the company said.

The company claims that the child will get the highest education. To cancel any class you have booked, you have to cancel 4 hours before the class starts. The rating of teachers on this platform is 4.8 out of 5.


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