Online nominations for ICT Awards started in 11 categories, who can give in which category?

Online nominations for ICT Awards started in 11 categories, who can give in which category?

The online nomination (application) of the sixth edition of the ICT Award, established as a prestigious award in the field of information and communication technology, has started from today.

Award nominations in 11 different categories have been opened for the ‘ICT Award 2021’ organized by Living with ICT and in collaboration with various government and private organizations.

The online nominations for the ICT Award 2021 have been opened in view of the declining rate of second wave covid infection.

Despite the postponement of most events during the transition period of the first wave last year, the winners of 12 categories were honored at a special event at the Salty Hotel last December, advancing the nomination and selection process through the ICT Award 2020 virtual medium.

According to the organizers, most of the meetings of the selection committee for this year’s ICT Awards will be conducted virtually. There are more than two dozen jurors and advisors for the ICT Award selection process.

Interested individuals, companies, products or organizations in 11 different categories can apply till 16th July, 2078. Competitors themselves or anyone else can register for the award online.

To be nominated for the award ICT You have to go to the website, select the genre and fill the form.

This year, like last year, nominations have been opened in 11 different categories. There are 3 categories including Startup ICT Award, Product ICT Award, Rising Star Innovation ICT Award.

Among the awards given to individuals are Pioneer ICT Award, Nepali Diaspora ICT Award, Entrepreneur ICT Award and Woman Icon ICT Award.

Similarly, the awards given to government and private organizations include Digital Education ICT Award (Public Sector), Digital Education ICT Award (Private Sector), Digital Governance ICT Award (Public Sector) and Digital Services ICT Award (Private Sector).

The ICT Awards, which started in 2016, have so far honored more than 50 individuals, organizations, companies and products in various categories. Last year’s Huawei ICT Awards 2020 received more than 400 online applications.

This year, to make the selection process of the award more systematic and fair, the winner will be selected by a jury group of more than 12 in different stages for 3 months.

After 3 rounds of selection in Startup, Product, Rising Star Innovation category, public voting will be conducted by declaring the best 5. In other genres also, 4 different stages of virtual selection and field visit will also be conducted.

Organizing a virtual press conference on Tuesday, the organizers have opened nominations for 11 different categories. Speaking at the conference, Rajan Lamsal, coordinator of the organizing committee, said that the awards have to be refined and expanded every year.

He said that the ICT Award is a campaign to explore possibilities and excellence in the field of technology. Similarly, Jury Coordinator Sushil Pokhrel and Chief Jury Coordinator Hempal Shrestha expressed the view that the ICT Award should be made standard and credible from all quarters.

P.D. Shuvarna Shakya said that the ICT award was the most reliable and fair of the awards held in Nepal.

Speaking on the occasion, former Minister Ganesh Shah said that the ICT sector should be further expanded and the award was making it meaningful.

Similarly, Anil Dutt, Joint Secretary at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, said that the ICT Award would promote Nepal’s ICT sector and make the Digital Nepal campaign meaningful in collaboration with the private and public sectors.

Former Joint Secretary Virendra Mishra, P.D. Shuvarna Shakya, First President of CAN Federation Bimal Sharma, First Pioneer ICT Award winner Muni Shakya and others spoke about the importance of the award.

Award winners will receive various services and facilities with special honors. The winner will also get concessional loan facility and investment opportunity.

Who will apply for ICT Award 2021 in which category?

To be nominated for the ICT Award 2021, go to the official website, click on the registration, select the category and submit the required online form.

1. Startup ICT Award

To participate in this award, which promotes and encourages companies working in the field of IT products, services and innovation, the company must be registered and operating in accordance with the prevailing laws of Nepal.

Companies registered during the last 3 years can apply in this category. Last year, Cryptogen Nepal Pvt. Ltd. was the winner in this category.

2. Product ICT Award

Nominations for IT and Innovative Products developed by a Nepali company, organization, group or individual can be registered in the ICT Product Award.

Nominations can be registered in this category for the IT products that have been made public from April 2077 to mid-April 2078. Last year CPFDS AML & KYC Management System was the winner.

3. Rising Star Innovation ICT Award

Nominations can be registered for the Rising Star Innovation ICT Award for research, innovation and projects prepared by college and university students and youth under 30 years of age. Last year, a student of St. Xavier’s College’s project called ‘Sanchai Chau’ received the award in this category.

4. Pioneer ICT Award

This award is given to a veteran who has made outstanding contributions in the field of information and communication technology. Last year, Neelkanth Upreti was honored with this award.

5. Nepali Diaspora ICT Award

This award will be given to a person of Nepali origin, who is living abroad and highly appreciates his / her contribution in the field of information technology of the country. Last year, Gaurav Raj Upadhyaya, a Nepali working at Amazon, received the award.

6. Entrepreneur ICT Award

Entrepreneur ICT Award will be given to Nepali entrepreneurs active in the field of information technology. Last year, Vinay Bohara, Managing Director of Vyanet, was the winner in this category.

7. Woman Icon ICT Award

The Woman Icon ICT Award is aimed at Nepali women working in the field of information technology. Last year Pvt. Timila Yami Thapa was honored with this category.

8. Digital Education ICT Award (Pallik Sector)

The Digital Education ICT Award is given to government and community educational institutions with the objective of encouraging the education sector to become digital and technology friendly. Last year, Budhanilkantha School received the award in this category.

9. Digital Education ICT Award (Private Sector)

This year, the Digital Education ICT Award (Private Sector) category has been added with the objective of encouraging private sector educational institutions as well. Private schools, colleges and educational institutions will be able to register nominations in this category.

10. Digital Governance ICT Award (Public Sector)

In this category, successful government organizations, bodies, departments or municipalities will be able to register nominations to provide technology-friendly services to the citizens by digitizing government services and facilities. Last year, the Inland Revenue Department received the Digital Governance ICT Award.

11. Digital Services ICT Award (Private Sector)

In this category, private sector organizations, limited companies or companies serving the public will be able to register nominations. Apart from IT and software companies, other service-oriented private sector companies will also be able to participate in this category, which was added this year.

Last year, Covid 19 was awarded the Ncell Innovation Driven Crisis Response ICT Award by Paila Emergency Resuscitator. Kiran Acharya received the Jury Mansion Award 2020 Our Health and Media Person Award.


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