OpenAI's new AI model released, now you can chat like a video call on ChatGPT

Kathmandu. OpenAI has released its latest AI model. On Monday, the company announced a new model named GPT-4o.

According to the company, the 'O' in it means Omni (All). The company claims that it will be faster than the previous model and the conversation will be like a human.

GPT-4O will be able to understand and discuss photos, translate language and recognize emotions through video. It will also have memory, so it can remember all previous conversations. It supports 50 languages.

All ChatGPT users can access this model. According to OpenAI, some features will be limited for free users.

Users can also video chat with it. It also has better ability to code and solve maths than previous models.

During the program, OpenAI's technology chief Mira Murati said that this model is twice as fast as the GPT Four Turbo that was released a while ago. But he claims that its cost is exactly half.

According to him, this tool will be available for everyone in the next few weeks. In addition to this, its API will also be available for developers, she said.

Similarly, the company has also released the desktop version of ChatGPT through yesterday's event.

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