OpenAI's separate search engine to compete with Google is just a rumor

Kathmandu. OpenAI has made it clear that the new tool it is about to release is not an AI-based search engine or GPT Five. In a post on X on Friday, the company's chief executive officer (CEO) Sam Altman said that there is no tool search engine or GPT Five that will be released on Monday.

“GPT Five or the search engine is not a new tool that we are going to bring,” said Altman, “but we have worked hard on some new tools.” We think people will love it.”

In the post, Altman said that the tool he is about to release is like magic.

The tool will be made public by streaming on OpenAI on Monday. Earlier, there was talk that OpenAI was going to bring its own AI-based search engine to compete with Google's search engine.

Currently, ChatGPT provides most of the information correctly, but in the version that is available for free, you cannot get real-time information. For that, the company was expected to bring such a tool for the purpose of providing real-time information.

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