Operation of first blood collection mobile ambulance in Butwal

To balance the demand and supply of blood for the treatment of patients, a ‘Blood Collection Mobile Ambulance’ has been put into operation for the first time in Butwal.


You can donate blood by sitting inside the car in the blood ambulance. It is expected that blood donation will become easier after the first time the ambulance that collects blood has been introduced in Butwal.

Rotary Club of Butwal handed over the blood collection ambulance to Nepal Red Cross Society Rupandehi today. There is also a partnership with the Red Cross for the purchase of this ambulance. The club started the process of bringing this ambulance three years ago. But due to the corona epidemic, the project of the club has been pushed back.

Club president Bonin Piya informed that this ambulance, which is a signature project of the Rotary Club of Butwal, was brought in at a cost of Rs 70 lakhs. Sitting in this ambulance, five people can donate blood at the same time.

He said that it should be put into operation properly and meet the demand and need of blood. Chairman Piya informed that the club has invested more than 10 million rupees in the social sector in Rupandehi alone.

Deepak Kshetri Neupane, President of Nepal Red Cross Society Rupandehi said that this ambulance will be taken to all districts of Lumbini province to collect blood. He said that a procedure will be created for its operation and it will be implemented accordingly.

In the blood ambulance, not only blood donation can be done by sitting inside the car, but also there is a system inside the ambulance for health workers to draw blood and draw blood. It is believed that ambulances will be very useful for collecting blood in villages when there is a shortage of blood.

After the introduction of blood collection ambulance, it will be easy to collect blood even in bad weather. Speaking at the handover ceremony of the blood collection ambulance, Butwal sub-metropolitan chief Khelraj Pandey said that this work done by the Rotary Club is very appreciable when the demand for blood is increasing day by day.

He said that free blood has been arranged for the residents of Butwal and the patients are benefiting from it and said that the sub-metropolitan is working with education and health as the focal point.

Chairman of Lumbini Provincial Hospital Ajayman Shrestha said that it is necessary to bring about a change in the way of looking at government hospitals.

He said that Lumbini Provincial Hospital attaches importance to how patients can be treated easily, and when the government does not provide the budget and the hospital’s own source of income is reduced, it is difficult to operate the service.

In the program, Medical Superintendent of Lumbini Regional Hospital Dr Sudarshan Thapa said that such works will facilitate the services of government hospitals to improve the health condition of the people.

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