Oppo unveils cybersecurity computing technology

Oppo unveils cybersecurity computing technology

OPPO has unveiled its newly created AR application Cyber ​​Spatial Computing Technology, powered by Real Time.

Using its own in-house AI engine, Oppo has taken augmented reality to new heights. Oppo Cyberial provides reliability as well as ease in the overall process from AR creation to experience.

Oppo has begun offering a compelling AR experience through its flagship stores. The traditional way of building a digital world requires business tools and specialized knowledge.

But Oppo’s cybersecurity technology has made the process much easier. For the first time, OPPO staff have been able to create a digital replica by scanning the inside of the store’s interior and collecting data via a smartphone without any official training.

Powered by an ever-evolving AI engine, the app is capable of creating 3D samples from large flagship stores in just a few hours.

The AI ​​platform is capable of processing 12,000 images scanned in an hour, the company said. This is 4 times faster than the previous version.

Through the scanned interiors, the application has the ability to easily perform precise and similar 3D reconstruction.

Through Oppo’s AR Editing tool, staff can create a more exciting AR environment by editing AR content as per their needs.

Oppo-owned RLOCS (Retrieval and Localization with Observation Constraints) visual positioning algorithm has helped to reduce the accuracy of the internal position to the centimeter level.

The algorithm was developed by a team from the Department of Intelligent Perception and Interaction. It is also widely used in education.

The group won two second place awards in the long-term localization category at the 2020 European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV) and the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Conference (CVPR 2020).

Oppo has used DOF Estimation to provide real immersive AR experience to the user. This allows the user to get a view of any angle or position.

Users can circle around the target object, bend down for bird-eye view, and even stare at the view from below.

Overall, the sophisticated OPPO Cyberial has helped accelerate deployments in AR services and applications.

It facilitates the development of AR content as well as providing a user-friendly environment to make the AR experience more exciting and part of the diary.


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