Opportunity to win an iPhone 12 by opening an account with NIC Asia Bank online

Opportunity to win an iPhone 12 by opening an account with NIC Asia Bank online

NIC Asia Bank has launched two online account opening challenge contests with the aim of encouraging people to open online accounts at home during the Corona virus epidemic.

According to the bank, one of the two contestants, who will open an online account in the shortest time, will get an iPhone 12, 10 will get a smart watch and two will get a cash prize of Rs 50,000 each. Is

For the online account opening challenge, participants have to open an account through the bank’s website in the shortest possible time, the bank said. To participate in this contest, you need to go through the following steps:

  • Complete the account opening process from this bank’s website.
  • Go to Account Progress and enter your reference code and take a screen shot from step 1 to submit.
  • Post the screen shot by tagging 5 of your friends by writing Challenge Accepted in the comment of Pind Post on the bank’s official Facebook page.
  • Participants will share the Pind Post publicly by mentioning the online account and hash NIC Asia Bank in their timeline from their home.
  • Like the bank’s Facebook page and the Pind post.

During the competition, the bank will select one person each week and 10 people who will open an account in a short period of time during the competition period and will provide one smart watch to each of them and one of the top 10 will be given an iPhone 12. Has stated.

For the Video Challenge, the bank has stated that the participants can participate in the competition by making a video or blog about the process of opening an online account of the bank and making plans for uploading videos on YouTube.

While making the video, the participants have to give an open presentation about the bank’s ‘easy online account process’ and ‘the challenge of opening an account at the bank during an epidemic’.

Participants will be able to create creative videos using their skills by tagging the bank’s official YouTube channel on YouTube and uploading the video from their home account, mentioning their online account and hash NIC Asia Bank.

The bank has stated that cash prizes will be given at the rate of Rs 50,000 each for the creative videos and the most watched videos (minimum 2,000 times).


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