Oxygen cylinder and concentrator rented by recharger, 1 hour delivery

Oxygen cylinder and concentrator rented by recharger, delivery in 1 hour

The e-commerce platform Recharger will provide oxygen cylinders and concentrators for rent. The recharger, which has been providing covid related equipment at cheap prices in the Nepali market, will provide equipment for rent to those who do not have access to expensive hijackers.

The 10-liter capacity oxygen cylinder will be available at Rs 250 per day and the 40-liter capacity at Rs 375 per day.

Similarly, a 5-liter capacity oxygen concentrator will be rented at Rs 500 per day and a 10-liter capacity at Rs 1,000 per day, said the recharger.

Arrangement has been made to provide oxygen cylinder and concentrator on rent by mutual consent. In addition to this, the recharger will provide 10 liter oxygen cylinder at Rs 9,500 and 40 liter cylinder at Rs 14,500 to those who want to buy the cylinder.

Covid equipment ordered in the recharger as well as other items will be delivered in 1 hour in the valley and 24 hours across the country.

As the ban is eased, the recharger will be able to easily provide Covid equipment in bulk for home, office, school, hotel, hospital or donation.


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