Pakistan's youngest vlogger left YouTube!

Kathmandu. Mohammad Shiraz, the youngest vlogger of Pakistan, has left YouTube. On Wednesday, he posted a video titled 'Last Vlog' on his channel and said that he is going to leave YouTube.

In the video released by him, his father has suggested that he should stop vlogging in order to focus on studies rather than vlogging.

Welcoming his viewers in the video, Shiraj wiped his tears and said, “I will not make vlogs from today. My father has told me to do some studies now and not to make videos. However, I have a hobby of making vlogs. So this is my last vlog today.”

Soon after that, Shiraj gave information about his favorite place in the village in the video. He said that after meeting the person making the basket in the video, he will not post the video on YouTube for some time.

6-year-old Siraj has more than 1.56 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, 1.7 million followers on Facebook and 2.1 million followers on Instagram.

He is one of the most popular vloggers in Pakistan. Since three months ago, he has been continuously vlogging on YouTube. Shiraj, who has a playful attitude, cooperative spirit and likes to explore different places, used to give information about the reality of his village, the behavior there, the condition of the children there, the condition of the school, etc. through videos.

His decision to leave YouTube for a while has been positively reacted to his decision on social media. “If this is true, then he has taken a very good decision,” a person named Nasij Kazmi wrote on Facebook, “a young brother has achieved a success that no one had even dreamed of. Now he should focus on his studies. Education adds more importance to his life and career.”

Some have suggested to continue vlogging along with studies.

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