Parliament meetings can be held virtually, MPs are prohibited from using mobile phones during the meeting

Now the Parliament meeting will be held virtually. In the Rules of the House of Representatives 2079, it is arranged that the meetings of the House of Representatives and Committees can be held virtually.


In the regulation 2079 passed by the House of Representatives on Sunday, there is a provision that the House of Representatives and Parliamentary Committees can hold meetings using technology.

“If at least a quarter of the members of the assembly agree that it is not possible to hold a meeting in physical presence due to a natural disaster or epidemic and inform the speaker of the same, the meeting can be held using technology in accordance with the decision of the speaker in consultation with the working arrangement advisory committee according to the need,” said the regulation. It has been arranged that the procedure of the virtual meeting will be as determined by the Speaker.

Similarly, the rule that parliamentarians cannot use mobile phones while the meeting is in progress has also been added to the passed regulations. Now MPs have to keep their phones on silent in the meeting room, they will not be allowed to talk and record on the phone.

The previous House of Representatives Rules 2075 was silent on virtual meetings and not using mobile phones. For the first time in the regulations, virtual meetings and mobile phones are prohibited.

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