Passenger motorcycles awaiting new procedures

The Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport has prepared to introduce a new procedure for the registration process of vehicles produced in Nepal.


Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda, in the meeting of the Council of Ministers held on 11th of Baisakh, instructed to immediately solve the problem of registration of new vehicles including passengers, and the Prime Minister and Cabinet Office discussed with the relevant agencies and then the Ministry of Physical Affairs was appointed.

Keshav Sharma, secretary of the ministry, said that the meeting chaired by Ganesh Prasad Pandey, Secretary of the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers, made necessary amendments to the ‘Traffic Management Procedures Guide, 2060’ and the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport decided to make the necessary arrangements within three days to register the vehicles manufactured in Nepal.

According to Secretary Sharma, arrangements will be made for the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport to submit the amendment proposal to the Council of Ministers within seven days to make necessary amendments to the ‘Vehicle and Transport Regulation Regulations, 2054’ for the registration of vehicles manufactured in Nepal.

Secretary Sharma told ICT News, “The Prime Minister’s Office has issued necessary amendments to the Transport Management Procedures Guideline, 2060 to register the vehicles produced in Nepal.” We are preparing for it. We will submit the procedure to the Council of Ministers within a week. After that, there will be no problem in the registration process of vehicles manufactured in Nepal.’

Ishwaridatt Paneru, Information Officer of the Department, said that the Department of Transportation has already submitted a draft procedure to the Ministry about how to manage the vehicles produced and assembled in the country one and a half months ago.

He said, ‘The department has already sent the draft of the new procedure one and a half months ago. But the ministry itself did not show interest citing various reasons. We sent the final draft immediately. There is no need to complain anymore.’

Both consumers and producers have been hit by the non-registration of passenger motorcycles, which have been commercially produced since 2022. ‘We have received a positive response from today’s discussion. Discussions were held on how the registration process could be facilitated. It is said that the work to be done by the office and department of the Council of Ministers has already been done. We have also received a positive response from the ministry,” he said.

According to Pandey, in the discussion, how to recognize the vehicles made in Nepal, what is the alternative to the required notification when registering the vehicle, how to register the vehicle identification number (VIN), what system will be implemented to prevent the repetition of VIN number, etc.

The transport management office under Bagmati province has been saying that there is a problem due to mandatory submission of customs declaration letter (LC) and receipt of customs duty paid when registering a vehicle in Nepal.

Yatri Company was registered in December 2017 to manufacture electric vehicles. It has already passed the roadworthiness test and is making its own chassis in Nepal.

He says that production had to be stopped for 6 months due to political complications in the registration process. He said that the production will start again as soon as the way of registration is opened.

“Even though we have stopped production since last September, we are planning to resume production once the motorcycle is registered, we are waiting for the new procedure,” he said.

The Transport and Vehicles Act (2049 and 2074 revised Transport Management Guideline, 2060) from the federal government has provided for the mandatory submission of the complete customs declaration form and the receipt of customs duty paid for vehicle registration.

According to Harihar Pokhrel, Head of Office of Motorcycle, Gurjudhara, Transport Management Office under Bagmati Province, there will be no problem in registering domestically produced vehicles with the new procedure.

There is a complaint that the office did not register the vehicle. But we will register it on the basis of the documents mentioned in the procedure’, he said, ‘According to the new procedure, vehicles made in Nepal will not need a notification letter. Apart from this, we will complete other necessary documents and register the vehicles produced in Nepal.’

Since it will take a lot of time to amend the Act, the government is currently preparing a procedure to open the way to register domestically produced vehicles.

A traveler’s struggling journey

The journey of the passenger electric motorcycle has been a struggle since its inception. When Asim Pandey went to study in the Netherlands, he went with the idea of ​​doing something in Nepal. After completing his studies there, he returned home with happiness and new dreams. But he had to face many challenges to make a passenger motorcycle here. He says, ‘In the beginning, I said that it would not be too much trouble to register the vehicle. But later, when getting VIN number at the transport office, there was so much trouble. ‘

According to him, when going to register the passenger’s vehicle number, the secretaries of the transport office were the ones who bargained with him and he complained that the documents were not submitted for the registration process.

‘We have not assembled all the parts of Yatri from outside. Some parts are made by our engineers in Nepal. He says, “In the beginning, the government officials said things that were very heart-wrenching. Currently, after the Prime Minister expressed his interest, the secretaries and officials of the ministry have given a positive response. Now it says VIN number is not required. Now we are waiting for the new vehicle procedure.’

According to him, passengers have sold 77 electric motorcycles so far, but they have not been operational. Apart from them, 10 motorcycles are kept in the company. As a result, the vehicles produced in Nepal have not been registered, and the vehicles are stuck, and the investors are in trouble.

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