Personalized Dasain Festival Announcements Sent by the Rider to Customers

Pathao Nepal has started the ‘Pathao Dasain Festival’ offer from October 8th (Monday) on the occasion of Badadasain. Company spokesperson Shashank Shamsher Thapa informed that the festival, which started on October 8, will last until October 28.


Spokesperson Thapa informed that in this festival, the company is offering 1 percent commission daily for the riders with the original slogan of ‘Less commission more earnings, Yo Dasain Ramai-Ramai’.

Thapa said that two people will be given a Yamaha Ray ZR 125 FI hybrid scooter in collaboration with Yamaha as part of the bumper prize offered by the company. As the drivers take more rides throughout the festival period, the commission will also decrease.

Currently, there is usually 20 percent commission on bikes and 15 percent commission on car light (taxi). Now the commission of riders and captains (taxi drivers) who take more rides will decrease. In which the commission paid by the maximum rider will be reduced to at least 1 percent.

The company said that the bumper winner will be selected from the lucky draw and the rider, captain (taxi driver) and pathao hero (food delivery person) must complete a certain ride with certain rules to become a candidate for the lucky draw.

The company said that on October 30th, the bumper prize will be announced live through Pathao Nepal’s official social network through a lucky draw. For customers, Pathao has come up with a discount on its app.

According to this, customers will get up to 70 percent discount on food orders, car rides and bike rides. Similarly, on the occasion of five years of Pathao Food Delivery, Rs. 5, 55 and 555 offers, the company said.

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