PlayStation 5 Pro to bring 8K gaming support and more

Unlike the Xbox which won’t be getting a mid-cycle update (“Xbox Series S Pro” or “Xbox Series X Pro”), rumors suggest Sony is definitely working on a PlayStation 5 Pro. And there are already a bunch of details (including the launch date) for Sony’s upcoming console.

PlayStation 5 Pro Rumors:

A new report by KeyToGaming has revealed some interesting details about the PlayStation 5 Pro. According to the article, the PS5 Pro is in development under the codename “Trinity” which is in line with “The Matrix”-themed codenames like “Neo” and “Morpheus” for the PS4 Pro and PSVR respectively.

And PlayStation 5 Pro has been in development since early 2022, whereas developers might be getting their hands on development kits as soon as this November.

Hardware improvements

Other than that, we also know about the GPU and RAM improvements coming to the PlayStation 5 Pro. Its GPU will feature 30 WGPs (Work Group Processors) over the PlayStation 5’s 18. This would mean PS5 Pro’s GPU will have 60 CUs (Compute Units), the same as AMD Radeon RX 6800.

Sony Playstation 5 Standard and Digital model editionPS5

Likewise, Sony is aiming to deliver a more consistent 4K gaming experience and even an 8K performance mode on the PlayStation 5 Pro. Right now, the PS5 still struggles to play some games at 4K with consistent fps, so gamers are forced to either play games at native 4K 30 fps “Quality” mode or upscaled 4K 60 fps “Performance” mode.

KeytoGaming also mentioned “accelerated ray tracing” coming to the PS5 Pro. PlayStation 5 Pro’s RAM will also see a substantial buff in speed. With a 28.5% increase in clock speed over the vanilla PS5 going from 14,000 MT/s to 18,000 MT/s.

PlayStation 5 Pro Price and Launch Date

As per rumors, Sony is targeting November 2024 launch for the PS5 Pro. It’ll be exactly 4 years after the launch of the PlayStation 5. We don’t have any pricing details yet. But for reference, the PS4 Pro started at USD 399, the same as the launch price of the PS4. By the time the PS4 Pro came around, the PS4 had dropped in price to USD 299. However, the PS5 still retails at its launch price of USD 499 even to this day. As such, we don’t expect the PS5 Pro to follow in the footsteps of its predecessor.

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