Pocket’s new scheme targeting small and medium businesses, 50 percent cashback on payment gateways

Khalti has come up with an offer for small and medium businesses to help them grow their business digitally through the Khalti Payment Gateway.


In this offer called ‘Smart Entrepreneur’ integrated with Khalti payment gateway service, they will get 50% cashback on API charges, free Quick Link Payments and one year of free SMS panel.

Pocket Payment Gateway means the service provided by Pocket Digital Wallet, where businesses are allowed to accept payments from their customers securely and efficiently through their own websites and apps.

Through Khalti’s SDK/API, businesses can accept payments through various channels like Khalti Wallet, e-Banking, Mobile Banking, SCT and Visa/Master Card and Connect IPS.

Moreover, Khalti has been providing services to 3.1 million users, due to which newly registered businesses can be directly promoted digitally to such a large number of users.

Khalti’s ‘Smart Entrepreneur’ offers include 50 percent cashback (i.e. Rs. 10,000) on payment gateway API fees for businesses, free SMS panel for one year, 33 percent discount on transaction fees, 100 percent discount on annual fee for the first year of Quick Link Payments and corporate Enterprise account facility will be available for bills.

Recently, Khalti also launched a new service called ‘Quick Link Payment’, which allows merchants to digitally bill their customers and receive payments quickly. This service can be used free of charge for one year under Smart Entrepreneur’s offer.

Regarding this offer, Khalti’s Chief Executive Officer Vinay Khadka said that the Smart Entrepreneur offer has been introduced to empower all types of businesses to develop digitally.

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