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It has been more than two years and we have not seen a true successor to the Poco F1. Though the fans have been craving for it, the company has been not been able to deliver for some reasons. Yesterday, Poco India issued a letter to its fans explaining those reasons. And in doing so, the company also teased the launch date of the upcoming Poco X3 Pro. Keep reading to find out more.

The reason there is no Poco F2.

It won’t be wrong that say that all the success that Poco has had all these years is due to Poco F1. Had it not for the device, it would not have gotten so big in such a short time. It’s not that the company has not launched any decent device since – it has but none of them have a comparable price-to-performance ratio as the original F1. And going by the letter, it looks like we won’t see any such device, even from the brand itself.

Components Price and Taxes

In the letter, Poco India explains how things have changed in these two years. Since the initial launch of Poco F1, the costs of components have grown considerably. Just take chipsets for example. In 2020, Qualcomm decided that it would only supply Snapdragon 865 bundled with the Snapdragon X55 5G modem. This is one of the reasons flagship phones last year easily went over the $1000 mark. Another reason outlined in the letter is the taxes. Poco India has implied that it’s impossible to launch a device with the latest SD 800 series chipset in the same pricing as the original F1 in the present condition.

Going Independent

And also, when Poco decided to break its two-year-long hiatus last year it was to announce its independence from Xiaomi. The Poco F1 was developed using Xiaomi’s existing infrastructure and resources that helped to keep the price down. You may argue that the spin-off has not stopped Poco from utilizing Xiaomi’s resources. In fact, the upcoming F3 is reported to be based on the Redmi K40. However, we assume that Poco has to pay for these helps as it is now operating as an independent company.

Poco X3 Pro Launch Date

There’s a line in the letter where it says that only Poco can beat a Poco. It has caught our attention has its hints towards how different series be placed under the Poco branding in the future. As per our understanding, the upcoming devices in the F-series (including the F3) will have prices higher than INR 21,000. In this price segment, Poco will be offering X-series devices.

As per the leaks, the next phone in the Poco X series will be the X3 Pro. If you pay close attention to the texts in bold, Poco is hinting at the March 30 launch of the Poco X3 Pro. Different listings suggest that it will be a 4G phone powered running on MIUI 12. The recent rumors even suggest that the phone will be powered by Snapdragon 860 chipset – which is yet to be announced. It could turn out to be Snapdragon 855 with a higher clocked Prime clock or the rumors could turn out to be a total bust. Guess, we will have to wait till March 30 to find out.

SmartphoneLaunch Date
Poco X3 Pro30 March
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