Preliminary preparations to have Nepal’s own satellite

Preliminary preparations to have Nepal’s own satellite

The government’s plan to have Nepal’s own satellite in space has been under discussion for several years, but so far no concrete results have been achieved. The discussion of satellites is involved in procedural work such as feasibility study and research, appointment of consultants.

The Nepal Telecommunication Authority, which was given the responsibility of placing the satellite in the slot provided to Nepal by the International Telecommunication Union, has now taken the work of placing the satellite one step further.

NEA has allocated Rs. 500 million in the current Fiscal Year 2078/79 to keep Nepal’s satellites.

The allocated budget will be spent on inviting bids for satellite launch and ground station installation and selecting qualified companies for the same.

Apart from this, NEA is also expected to receive a preliminary and final draft from the consultant by allocating Rs. 200 million.

This is a continuation of the old program. The task of placing satellites and selecting qualified companies for the construction of ground stations is a new program.

NEA has already allocated Rs. 100 million for the establishment of the satellite, international standard working procedures, modalities of operation, control of business plan, regulation and security.

NEA had already prepared a short list in 2073 BS for the selection of consultants required for the installation of the satellite, but the process was canceled and a second consultation was called for.

In addition, the government itself has reached an agreement with France to keep the satellite. The agreement was reached during the visit of the then Minister of Communications and Information Technology Gokul Prasad Banskota to France.

As per the MoU, France had agreed to provide concessional financial and technical assistance to operate and manage the satellite in the orbital slot provided to Nepal by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

The International Telecommunication Union (ITO) provided two ‘Radio Orbital Slots’ to Nepal in 1984 for broadcasting and fixed satellite services.

However, Nepal has not been able to use the slot. NEA estimates that it will cost Rs 20 to 40 billion to set up its own satellite in space.

According to NEA, the satellite will have 24 normal sized and 12 small sized transponders.

Nepal now has to pay a large amount of money to a foreign satellite company for its satellite service for television broadcasting. Gorkhapatra


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