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To celebrate the New Year 2078, vivo is running a promotional campaign “New Year New Offer”.

The New Year Offer is up and running and it will be valid until April 25, 2021 (Baisakh 12). Under this offer, vivo is offering price drops on some smartphones and customers will be provided with various gifts on purchase of select smartphones.

So, let’s see what vivo has to offer on the occasion of the New Year 2078.

Vivo New Year 2078 Offer

As part of the new year offer, vivo is providing discounts and various gifts on purchase of the select Y-series and V-series smartphones.

The top of the line phone from its V-series, vivo V20 has received a price drop of Rs. 3000. So, you can get the vivo V20 for Rs. 44,990 instead of Rs. 47,990. To make the deal more effective, vivo is also offering free gaming headphones to first 100 customers.

Similarly, the first 150 buyers of vivo V20SE during this promotional campaign will receive a free Bluetooth speaker.

Vivo Model Old Price New Price Free Gifts
vivo V20 (8 / 128GB) Rs. 47990 Rs. 44990 Gaming headphone for first 100 buyers
vivo V20SE (8 / 128GB) Rs. 37999 Bluetooth Speaker for first 150 buyers
vivo Y20 (3 / 64GB) Rs. 20990 19990
vivo Y91C (2 / 32GB) Rs. 14999 12999
vivo Y12s (3 / 32GB) Rs. 17999 16999
vivo Y20 (4 / 64GB) Rs. 22799 Chance to win official IPL jersey (first 1700 buyers)
vivo Y20s (4 / 128GB) Rs. 25499 Chance to win official IPL jersey (first 1700 buyers)
vivo Y51 (8 / 128GB) Rs. 33499 Chance to win official IPL jersey (first 1700 buyers)

Likewise, the vivo Y20 (3/64GB) and Y91C have also received a price drop. There’s also a discount of Rs. 1000 on the Y12s which will be valid until the duration of this campaign.

Along with the price drop, the first 1700 buyers of the vivo Y20s, Y20 (4/64GB), and Y51 will get a chance to win the official IPL jersey.

Offer Duration and Eligibility

Vivo New Year offer started on April 7 and will run till April 25. To be eligible for the free gifts, first buyers (lucky winners) will need to scan the newly activated device on Vivo’ DMS marketing software.

Furthermore, customers won’t need to pay 25% TDS (Tax Deduction at Source) on the free gifts as it will be covered by vivo. Also, the price drops on vivo phones will be valid even after the end of the New Year Offer.

Will you be buying vivo phones during this new year offer? Let us know in the comments below!

Also, watch our vivo V20 SE full review on YouTube!


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