Prime Commercial Bank depriving customers of mobile banking because they are visually impaired

Kathmandu. It has been found that Prime Commercial Bank has deprived a customer of mobile banking services due to his blindness. Sachita Pandey, who went to open an account at the Thankot branch of the bank, was deprived of the service of mobile banking by the bank because she was blind.

Pandey, who was working at Kalika Primary School in Fikkal Rural Municipality of Sindhuli, went to Prime Commercial Bank's Thankot branch to open an account in 2080 only last year. His account was also opened. But the bank refused to give him mobile banking service. Because she was blind.

Pandey, who came in contact with Tekpana, said that even though she was able, the bank stopped her from taking the service. He alleges that the bank has discriminated against him on the basis of physical disability.

On the other hand, Subas Shrestha, branch officer of the bank's Thankot branch, said that there was some confusion as such a case had appeared for the first time. He also said that this case has been sent to the higher level and some solution will come from there.

Similarly, Rajkumar Karki, head of the central legal department of the bank, also gives the same reason. “He said that he can run all the apps. But this is the first time that such a case has come to our bank,” he said. “Providing mobile banking services to them will also lead to financial loss. That is why we have decided to take steps by asking the National Bank.

Not only Pandey alone but also her husband Saroj Bhattarai suffered such hardship from the bank. They are both married and both are educated. But at the same time, both are also blind. That is why the bank is reluctant to provide mobile banking services to them.

Bhattarai himself has taken mobile banking services from other banks. Both of them have also been doing business in the stock market. But they say that they are saddened by such discriminatory behavior of Prime Bank.

“According to the branch manager, the wife showed it by top-up on her mobile phone. But they did not agree to provide mobile banking services,” Bhattarai told Tekpana.

On the other hand, this activity of Prime Bank has been found to be legally wrong. Co-spokesperson of Rashtra Bank, Dr. Dilliram Pokharel, says that the bank should not do that. Co-spokesperson Dr. Pokharel says that according to the integrated directive on payment system – 2079 issued by the National Bank to organizations that have received a license to carry out payment-related activities, Prime Bank's activity is illegal.

According to the directive, “Banks and financial institutions should provide financial services such as ATM, mobile banking, and internet banking to persons with disabilities after ensuring that the person is capable of using the service.”

In this sense, the bank should provide mobile banking service after checking the capacity of the individual, said Pokharel, the co-spokesperson. But if the bank refuses to provide any kind of banking service because the person is disabled despite the ability, he said, a complaint can be filed.

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