Professor Timila Yami Thapa honored with National ICT Excellence Award 2023 Women

Professor Timila Yami Thapa has been honored with the National ICT Excellence Award 2023 Woman. On the occasion of National Information and Communication Technology Day 2080, the government honored Thapa with 1 lakh cash and a certificate from the National ICT Excellence Award 2023 Women.


Professor Timila Yami Thapa is a leading name in the field of information technology in Nepal. He was born in 1951 in Kathmandu. She has studied electronic engineering from ISS in Nepal and IIT Kanpur in India. She has also completed a master’s study in information technology from De Montfort University and a one-year system and communication infrastructure training in Holland.

Due to Yami’s tireless efforts, computer engineering program was included in the curriculum for the first time in Nepal. Through her own software company Designa Nepal, which was started in 1991, she developed software for organizations like Nepal Telecom, Nepal Electricity Authority, Nepal Water Supply Corporation, KUKL, and Jyoti Group.

He also has the experience of working as a member of the ICT Advisory Board, Academic Council, Research Council, and Governing Member of the Engineering Council for some time under the Prime Minister’s Office. Thapa also served three years on the Rural Telecommunication Fund Board of Nepal Telecommunication Authority.

He is also trying to organize engineering education as an assistant dean. He has 25 years of teaching experience in the Institute of Engineering Studies and has also worked in course design in various universities. Thapa is also the first woman professor of electronics and computer engineering in Nepal.

Professor Yami’s contribution is not only in the field of education, but his contribution is important in bringing it to various government agencies through an IT entrepreneur. He was also active in the construction of IT Park and IT Department. Thapa also received the Woman Icon ICITY Award 2020 at the ICITY Awards organized by Living with ICITY.

By joining dozens of national and international organizations, Professor Timila Yami Thapa contributed significantly to the nation in the field of information technology.

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