QR Merchant Activation Plan of NIC Asia Bank announced

In order to further expand and encourage digital payments, NIC Asia Bank has announced the QR Merchant Activation Scheme with various attractive features for merchants who take payments through their QR codes.


This scheme introduced by the bank in order to bring the payment through digital channel to more customers will be operated till the end of next June, and only the merchants who take payment for the first time within that time will be included in this scheme.

This bank, which has been present among more than 200,000 merchants across the country, has arranged attractive benefits for merchants who do business for the first time through the respective partner companies in order to encourage QR payment.

According to this scheme, a mountain flight ticket will be given to a couple on behalf of Yeti Airlines, Rs. 10 hampers worth 2,000, 100 vouchers worth 5,000 each from Tricot Industries, 10 Non-Veg BBQ vouchers from Hard Rock Café, one Rice Cooker, Breakfast Maker and Hand Blender each from Big Digital and On behalf of CG Digital, one each of Mixer Grinder, Induction Cooker and Dry Iron has been arranged.

Also, the bank gave 50 vouchers from Tranquility Spa, 4 vouchers worth 1000 each from Ageno Sekuwa, 6 watches and 2 earbuds from Hukut Store, 5 vouchers worth 2000 each from Kutumb Hotel, 15 vouchers from Uptown Restaurant. 5 vouchers worth 100 and 3 vouchers worth 2000 will be provided on behalf of Square Hotel.

The benefits available in this way will be selected by the bank to 200 merchants based on their transaction amount and number of transactions and will be transferred by the companies that have provided the agreement. According to this plan, all the merchants who take the first QR payment through the Fonepay QR code maintained by this bank by the middle of June, once or repeatedly, will pay Rs. 200 above the total amount of Rs. You will get 100 cashback.

Interested businessmen and companies who want to become a QR merchant of this bank can apply online by tapping on the Apply Now icon on the bank’s website from the available options, Be a merchant.

Amidst the situation where the means of payment in the country is gradually moving from cash to digital, the bank is confident that this merchant incentive scheme of the bank will replace the traditional means of payment and help increase digital transactions.

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