Rashtra Bank employees use personal email to check official email


It is seen that Nepal Rastra Bank employees are using personal email to check the official email.


In the 60th annual report, the Office of the Auditor General has brought out the fact that the National Bank used personal emails to check official emails.

Although the National Bank has updated the Information Technology Policy, 2018, encryption and indexing has not been arranged, the source code of the application has not been archived, g. L. O.B.S. ‘T.R.G.S. Swift S. i. S. It is the opinion of the Accounts General that the responsibility for the server and log management of such applications has not been met.

In addition, ICT intelligence tools, updated risk mechanisms have not been determined for the operating platform, banking systems and applications have used personal email to check official emails, employee responsibilities and IT structure change management have not been reviewed, so the central bank’s information system should be updated to minimize risk management. The General Accountant has given instructions to arrange the arrangement.


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