Re-open the application to participate in ’50 Startup-50 Investors’

Re-open the application to participate in ’50 Startup-50 Investors’

The Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) has opened applications for participation in the 50 Startup-50 Investor Program, which is targeted at innovative (startup) entrepreneurs interested in joining investors.

Applications for participation in the program were opened on April 19. The 50 Startup-50 Investor Program is an initiative of the Federation’s Startup and Innovation Committee.

As more and more startup entrepreneurs could not be accommodated due to the Covid epidemic, the FNJ has again extended the application period for the participation of innovative entrepreneurs from across the country. The federation has stated that they will not have to re-apply as they have already applied.

Applications can be submitted for all sectors (such as agriculture, manufacturing, information technology, services). The federation has also requested its seven provincial chapters to help in increasing the participation of more startup entrepreneurs from across the country in the program by resuming the application process.

The Startup Committee will assist in facilitating fruitful collaborations by matching selected startups with the business interests of investors.

This application is also open to enterprises or businesses in the process of establishing / upgrading potential business models in the environment or use of innovative goods, services or platforms.

Legally registered businesses that have been in operation for more than a year and have at least one year of audit report will be considered eligible for application. A strong group that can demonstrate skills, knowledge base and strong commitment in their business will be able to apply.

The application should be accompanied by a copy of company registration certificate and necessary documents including company constitution, memorandum of association, article of association and other related registrations, PAN / VAT registration, tax payment certificates, minutes of the company’s board of directors, biodata of the company’s promoters / founders.

The online application form link can be obtained from this webpage of the federation.


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