Realm is in the top 5 in 18 major smartphone markets

Realm is in the top 5 in 18 major smartphone markets

Realm has managed to be among the top 5 smartphone brands in 18 major markets of the world. In just 37 months of its inception, RealMe has set a new record by rapidly expanding the market in the field of smartphones by meeting the target of shipping 100 million smartphones worldwide.

This is a new record for a three-year company. Similarly, by establishing itself as India’s number one FiveG smartphone brand, it has become the first smartphone to transport 50 million smartphones to India.

Aggressive Realm in the field of FiveG expansion has captured 22 percent share of the Indian smartphone market in the second quarter of 2021. Realm has become the fourth largest smartphone in India, expanding the market by 140 percent during the period.

According to Canalys’ report on global smartphone shipments, the Philippines is the number one realm in the market. Similarly, for the first time in Bangladesh, RealMe has risen to the leading position, which took only five quarters of its initial entry into the market in 2020.

In the quarter, the European market grew by 1,282 per cent year-on-year, making it one of the top five smartphone destinations in Europe. For the first time, the company is ranked second in Slovenia, third in Russia and Poland, and fifth in Italy.

“As we celebrate the company’s third anniversary this August, we are pleased to have established ourselves in a strong position in the global smartphone market,” said Madhav Sheth, Chief Executive Officer for Nepal, India and Europe, who is also Vice President of Realm. He said that he is committed to provide high quality stylish smartphones to the consumers at affordable prices.

According to the Canalys report, Realm is in the top five in terms of transportation in the Philippines, Bangladesh, Slovenia, Poland, Russia, Cambodia, Czech Republic, India, Indonesia, Egypt, Greece, Israel, Italy, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Singapore and Thailand.


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