Redmi 300W Charging Tech Launch and Availability

Redmi 300W Fast Charging

The fast-charging game has gotten pretty ridiculous these days. Realme recently commercialized 240W fast charging with the GT Neo 5. And while that is certainly fast, it is not the end. Taking the game even further, Redmi is now making headlines with its 300W fast charging. In this article, let’s talk about the upcoming Redmi 300W fast charging tech.

Redmi 300W Fast Charging:

Redmi’s Weibo handle in China first shared the detail of the 300W fast charging technology. For achieving this feat, Redmi has modified the internals of the battery and charging structure. And the testing was performed on a modified version of the Redmi Note 12 Discovery Edition smartphone.

This phone already supports 210W fast charging with a dual-cell 4300mAh battery. But for 300W support, Redmi has changed the battery size to 4100mAh. In another Weibo post, the company also published a video showcasing the jaw-dropping charging test.

As seen in the video, the double GaN 300W charger took the battery level from 0 to 50% in just 2 minutes, filling up the 4100mAh battery to 100% in just 5 minutes. The power meter indicated a peak input of 290W for a few seconds, but it managed to sustain 280W and above for around two minutes at one point. The adapter also has “more than 50 safety protections” but still retains a small size, says Redmi.

Redmi 300W Charging: Availability

Currently, the 300W fast charging has just undergone some tests. And Redmi hasn’t revealed the launch date for the 300W fast charging yet. It could take some time for commercial availability. Realme’s 240W fast charging was unveiled in MWC 2022 and it became commercially available with Realme GT Neo 5 in 2023. We’ll update the article with more info as and when it becomes available.

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