Request to correct some provisions of the bill related to electronic commerce

Nepal Online Business Association has requested to amend some provisions of the bill which is under consideration in the Parliament to regulate electronic business, saying that it is unfavorable for online business.


A delegation of the association met the Industry, Commerce and Supply Minister Ramesh Rizal on Thursday and demanded to rectify the adverse provisions.

The delegation led by ASOC President Navraj Bhandari welcomed the new law to regulate online business and demanded to amend 13 items of the bill.

In the memorandum submitted to Minister Rizal, it has been requested to include social networks in the definition of electronic platforms in the proposed bill. Since social media is an important and integral part of online business, it has been demanded to include it.

In section 10 of the bill, it is also requested to remove the provision that the customer must return the goods or services unconditionally after they have requested the goods or services. According to such a system, even if the goods are broken by the buyer, the businessmen have to return them and that is unfair.

According to Trilochan Subedi, a member of the secretariat of the association participating in the delegation, necessary amendments should be made in order to promote online businesses that are innovative and mostly involve young people.

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