Residents of Humla and Bajura suffer from mobile network

Local residents of Kawadi, bordering Humla and Bajura districts, are forced to hang their mobile phones on bardli while waiting for the network to come.


Locals and security personnel of Kawadi, which is located on the southern border of the district, are forced to talk by hanging mobile phones on the walls of their houses.

Due to the problem of mobile network in that area, the mobile users of Nepal Telecom have to suffer. Panchakali Rokaya, who has been operating a hotel, said that she hangs her mobile phone from her house to see if she receives a phone call.

She says, ‘What to do sir, sometimes the tower comes to the hanging place. We have put it this way to see if we can talk to our relatives.’

In Kolti of Bajura, internet service is running at turtle speed through landline and ADSL. Citizens complain that the network of Nepal Telecom is not working properly in some places of Humla, Mugu and Bajura.

Nepal Telecom has towers in most rural villages of Bajura, Mugu and Humla. In most places, the problem of the tower not being supported has been seen.

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