Retire at 55. How much capital do I need?

Initially, we look at the current income and expenditure. We then factor in known changes such as a reduction in income(for example, if you want to retire at 55).

Expenditure is also reviewed, and any changes will be factored in. We also consider any one-off expenses you might have in the future, such as changing your car or gifts to children.

We can then calculate the difference between your retirement income and your expenses. Once we know if there is a shortfall, our software can calculate where to take your income from.

The software we use is called cash flow software. However, our software is different as it is based on historical returns and inflation. This gives us a better outcome and a more accurate picture of your retirement.

We will consider any pensions, investments property and any other asset that might generate an income for you. Your assets , excluding your main residence can be split to generally three types.

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