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After years of waiting, OnePlus is finally launching a smartwatch for its fans. The company has started teasing the smart wearable via its social media handles. The watch will launch alongside the OnePlus 9 series later this month. In this post, we will be taking a look at all the leaks, rumors, specifications, and the official launch date of the OnePlus Watch.

OnePlus Smartwatch

Initial Rumors

The story of the OnePlus smartwatch is similar to that of the Pixel Watch. We have been hearing about them for a while now but neither has launched yet. In fact, rumors of the OnePlus smartwatch are even older than that of the Pixel Watch. The company even confirmed that they were once working on a smartwatch. CEO Pete Lau hinted in 2016 that they had to stop the work as the final design was not satisfactory.

Last year, the OnePlus Watch appeared in Telecoms Licensing System’s database as W301GB. Unfortunately, the listing did not reveal anything beyond that. It was expected that the watch will be based on the Oppo Watch as the supplier listed supplier Sinoppel Device PTE LTD was earlier registered under Singapore Oppo Electronics PTE LTD.

Since then, the two companies have confirmed to have merged their R&D team. Even OnePlus’s recent launches like Nord N100 and OnePlus Band were based on Oppo products. As such, the possibility of the OnePlus Watch being rebadged Oppo Watch was quite high.

OnePlus Watch Leaked Design

The leaked designs of the upcoming Oppo Watch come from German Patent and Trademark Office. As per the listing, the watch will be available in two looks – a normal and a sporty version. The latter will come with a fluted band. On the other hand, the former will have a clip on the band.

OnePlus Watch Sports Leaks

More on the design, it will sport a circular display which is a different approach from Oppo Watch’s square display. But again, there is Oppo Watch RX with a round display. Putting that aside, there are two buttons on one side of the Watch. We assume it will help while navigating through the menu. The rear side of the watch will have four sensors. It will also have a two-pin charging port.

OnePlus Watch Design Leak

OnePlus Watch Official Launch Date

As expected, the OnePlus Watch will be launched alongside the OnePlus 9 series on March 23. OnePlus will be hosting an online event for the same. Though the company has started teasing the device, none of the leaks have yet been confirmed. Thus, we will have to wait until March 23 for the official specifications and pricing.

Smartwatch ModelOfficial Launch Date
OnePlus WatchMarch 23, 2021
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