Sagun’s mini IPO closes on August 31

Sagun’s mini IPO closes on August 31

Shares offered by social network-based e-commerce company Sagun under Reg A Plus (Mini IPO) will be available for purchase until August 31, 2021 (12 midnight New York time).

Interested investors will be able to purchase at least डलर 900 worth of Class C shares at a rate of डलर 30 per share. As of the end of July, more than 4,500 investors around the world had bought Sagun’s shares.

Sagun signed a strategic partnership agreement with US company Exemplar Consulting in June 2021 on investment, trade, revenue and future growth. According to the agreement, Reg A Plus (Mini IPO) will be closed now.

Formally launched in 2015, Sagun has offices in the US, Nepal and India. Sagun app can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store and App Store.

In Sagun, users can share their stories, photos and videos, chat with their friends. The “smart coins” they earn can also be used to buy gifts for family and friends.

Users have so far acquired more than 1.7 billion smart coins, of which 533 million have been spent on gifts or shopping for family and friends.

Investors around the world can buy shares in Reg A Plus (Mini IPO) approved companies.

According to the rules of the Government of Nepal, even if Nepalis living within Nepal are not allowed to buy shares, non-resident Nepalis around the world, including others, can buy shares of Sagun. To buy Sagoon shares, you can apply at


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