Samsung vs TSMC 3nm Foundry, Features, Availability

Samsung’s 3nm foundry might get an edge over TSMC’s 3nm nodes, reports are coming in. This time, the South Korean tech giant is likely to counter-attack the Taiwanese semiconductor king. More about Samsung and TSMC 3nm foundry in this article.

Samsung vs TSMC 3nm Foundry

As per KMIB, TSMC is reportedly struggling on the 3nm nodes. The yield from the Taiwanese foundry is stated to stand at 55%. On the other hand, Samsung is doing quite well at 60% yield. TSMC is likely using the N3B technology but with a FinFet design while Samsung has gone with a newer GAA FET technology. The latter provides a larger drive current as compared to the previous one. And this leads to Samsung’s yield gains.

Samsung Foundry Factory

Meanwhile, TSMC and Intel will use the GAA FET tech on their 2nm chips in 2025. With Samsung’s 3nm foundry creating some woes for TSMC, AMD will also reportedly make use of Samsung’s nodes in some sections for its upcoming AI and data center purposes.

Samsung might take a larger share

TSMC’s 3nm nodes is booked for Apple’s upcoming flagship chip, the A17 Bionic. This means that key SoC makers, Qualcomm and Mediatek are bound to use the existing 4nm nodes of TSMC. Or else, they might just give-and-take with Samsung for their upcoming flagship silicon.

Is this the end of Samsung vs TSMC foundry?

The competition is getting fierce in the semiconductor world. Samsung is likely to secure the spot for the 3nm nodes. But that doesn’t mean, TSMC is going to lag behind completely. The final SoCs based on the nodes are yet to arrive in the market. And we’ll have to wait for the actual performance and thermal management tests to decide the winner.

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