Science student talent recognition program is being organized, so be a participant

Science student talent recognition program is being organized, so be a participant

The ‘Science Student Talent Recognition Program 2021’ is to be organized in collaboration with the Secretariat of the Nepal National Commission for Science Teachers Society Nepal and UNESCO.

In this competition, each student will have to make a video with detailed information of the science project he / she has created and upload it through the form given below.

Participants will need to create scientific learning materials that are relevant to the school level curriculum, incorporating the various fields and principles of science and technology developed in the Nepali environment and the global environment.

Competitive projects will have to be modified or innovative or completely new inventions. Video can be captured with a mobile or other camera. Even if the video is taken through any medium, the video should not be distorted, should not be stuck, should not be shaken, should be clearly understood and should be project focused, said the organizer.

The organizing committee has said that the form with video should be submitted by 5 pm on July 26 to participate in the program.

Videos later than scheduled will not be allowed to enter the competition. The total length of the video should be a maximum of 5 minutes with 2 minutes of project creation process, 2 minutes of project details and other things to mention and conclusion 1 minute.

The video can be made in Nepali, English or both languages. When making a video, the contestant should have his / her own presentation, but if it is a muted video, there should be a symbolic clarity.

This competition will be conducted in two phases. The best projects will be selected in two phases through provincial selection and central competition.

Students up to class 10 of any school in their state (including those who have now joined SEE 2077) will be able to participate in this competition. But each student has to fill out a separate form.

There should be a single participant in this competition and not with the team. Only one student should be a contestant for a project and only one science project will participate in the video competition.

For this program, each student has to make a video with detailed information of the science project he / she has created and upload it through the form given below as per the rules.

The file size of the video should be around 300 MB, according to the organizers. Also, the file format of the video should be MP4 file or other video format.

According to the organizers, the evaluation committee of each state will select two projects from the contestants and recommend them for the central competition.

In the first phase, a competing student of each selected project and a science teacher of the concerned school should come to Kathmandu on the scheduled date if the situation is favorable or not and should participate in the central competition by appearing in person with the competitive material as prescribed.

The organizers will make arrangements for 14 competitive students and their 14 science teachers to come, go, stay and eat in Kathmandu.

The central competition program will be organized in Kathmandu or as per the schedule. In the central competition, only 14 projects from each of the seven provinces will be selected and selected from each province.

The best four contestants will be declared first, second, third and fourth after evaluating according to the basis fixed by the evaluation committee formed for the central competition.

The first place winner will get Rs 10,000, second place winner will get Rs 8,000, third place winner will get Rs 6,000 and fourth place winner will get Rs 4,000. To fill in the form to participate in it click here Do it


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