‘Selfie with Dutter’ campaign concludes, Best Selfie Award distribution

‘Selfie with Dutter’ campaign concludes, Best Selfie Award distribution

The ‘Selfie with Daughter’ campaign, which has been operating in Nepal for the past one month, concluded on Wednesday with a special virtual event. ‘Selfie with Daughter’ Day was jointly organized in Nepal and India.

The Nepal Internet Foundation, an organization working in the field of social, technical and research in Nepal for the past few years, in collaboration with Indian engineer Sunil Jaglan, conducted a Selfie with Daughter program in Nepal with the theme of Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality.

Thousands of selfies were sent with their daughters during a month-long campaign in Nepal. The selfie of Pratibha Ghising and her daughter Pratishtha Lama has won the first prize in this campaign.

Similarly, granddaughter Nishudika Rai’s selfie with Dakshya Bahadur Rai and Moti Sara has secured the second position while selfies of Yamuna Prasai and Shreya Poudel have secured the third position. The winners have been awarded trophies and certificates worth Rs 21,000, Rs 11,000 and Rs 5,100 respectively.

Union Minister of State for India Rao Indrajit Singh was the chief guest at the event on Wednesday.

Addressing the event, Singh said the Selfie with Daughter campaign has had a positive impact on raising social awareness in India. He said that such campaigns should be launched to develop social consciousness through technology to eradicate the scourge of daughter and son-in-law treatment in Nepal and India.

The Selfie with Daughter campaign has not only made daughters and women socially stronger, but the campaign to give respect to daughters in the society has taken the form of a people’s movement.

Similarly, former Minister for Women, Children and Senior Citizens of the Government of Nepal Julie Kumari Mahato addressed the program.

Speaking on the occasion, Mahato said that in a less developed country like Nepal, children are still discriminated against, dowry and other social evils have caused problems and the Selfie with Daughter campaign has not been so popular in Nepal and has gone viral so quickly.

Stating that the social revolution of respect for daughters started from the neighboring country India is also moving forward in Nepal at a fast pace, Mahato said that a campaign like Selfie with Daughter would help in developing social consciousness.

Chief of the National e-Governance Division under the Ministry of Electronics and IT, Government of India, Abhishek Singh was also present on the occasion.

Addressing the gathering, he said that such campaigns on technology and technology in India have helped in improving the social lifestyle and eliminating discrimination.

“The selfie with daughter campaign launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is taking the form of a global movement today,” Singh said. “It is a matter of pride for all of India and Nepal.”

Similarly, Ashok Srivastava, Senior Consulting Editor, Doordarshan India, said that the priority given by the Indian media to ‘Selfie with Daughter’ program and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s involvement in campaigns like ‘Selfie with Daughter’ was not only to run the government but also to launch a social revolution.

Launched under the leadership of Sunil Jaglan of India, the campaign has become popular in India and Nepal. Bikram Shrestha, president of the Nepal Internet Foundation, said that such a campaign in Nepal has encouraged daughters to look at gender equality and behave in the same way.

Shrestha said that the ‘Selfie with Daughter’ campaign, which started in Nepal on May 9 a month ago, has become very popular with millions of people joining the campaign within a month and it is leaving a positive impact on the society.

Kalpana Shrestha, Nepal’s program coordinator, said that the social video message made by the participants in the program was transforming the society that despises her daughter to some extent.

The Selfie with Daughter program is currently working to bring a lasting smile on the faces of Nepali girls and thanked all the guests present on behalf of the Selfie with Daughter team.

According to Sunil Jaglan, founder of the Selfie with Daughter campaign and the foundation, the campaign was started from Haryana and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has praised him in many programs, including Mann Ki Baat.

“The people of Nepal love this campaign and we believe it will set a new dimension for women’s empowerment,” said Jaglan, founder of Selfie with Daughter.


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